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Marina Deszo

MarinaHello everyone!

My name is Marina Deszo, and I am 30 years old. I am from a city near Sao Paulo, Guarulhos, in Brazil. My family was there, but I moved on to Sao Paulo city living, almost, on my own. I share a place with roommates since the beginning of college, and I am still there.

Talking about AF, I was diagnosed with 17, but I have had symptoms since I was 10. It was a relief to find a cause for the stranger way I felt about my body, but also anguish for an incurable condition. Fortunately, I was surrounded by family and very good friends, that always give me the strength to move on, besides all the struggles that we all patients deal with. Something like balance, walk, and strength problems.

Despite every bad experience, I have been learning to accept life the way it is, unpredictable. And face this reality, I decided to follow a dream: Being a Scientist! It was very difficult, but I do it all again!

Now I am a Biologist with a master's in Genetics and Evolution... Whereas I used to work with not human animals! More specific flies... parasitic flies!

Yay, I am becoming a scientist! But not those ones that cure the FA (or cancer). However, I might use my knowledge about academic sciences with the FA cause, share my experiences, and learn how we can live it. I currently use a wheelchair, and I am doing a physic rehabilitation program. I hope to be prepared for the good or bad surprises that life shows!




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