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Noah Griffith

NoahHi! My name is Noah Griffith, and I am 18 years old. I live near Auburn, Alabama, and I am a freshman in college at Southern Union! I plan to major in journalism in hopes of becoming a sport's writer. I have always had a passion for sports, particularly with baseball and basketball,
and this career is how I want to continue to be in the sport's world since playing is not an option anymore.

I was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia in April of 2018, just before my 17th birthday. The time leading up to my diagnosis was rough. I had started experiencing symptoms with no explanation as to what was happening. When I noticed running and lifting weights was getting
more difficult, I began visiting many local doctors and therapists (and most of them had no idea what FA was), until I was finally sent to a neurologist at UAB who diagnosed me.

After my diagnosis, I felt like all my hopes and dreams in life was done with. It took me a while to realize that is not true. Meeting and talking to others with FA has played a big role in that realization. They gave me an example of what life can be like with this disease. It may not be
easy, but there is still so much to fight for! I have also learned to be optimistic, no matter my circumstances. There may be many things that are out of my control, but my attitude will always be in my control.

Being an ambassador helps me meet new people that understand what I'm going through and can help me deal with the struggles of life with FA. My hope is that I can encourage others, as well. Also, being an ambassador gives me hope by letting me see and hear what is being done to raise money towards research for a cure.

FA may have knocked me down, but it can't keep me down!


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