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Coming Down to the Wire


Almost there...after a year and a half of planning, I will finally start pedaling on Monday.

A lot has been going down in the past few days...I had a cortizone shot in my knee on thursday...A radio interview and my last day at work on friday...a benefit concert that night...and finally, a very nice presentation at my work holiday party on saturday night.

I visited Doctor Cosca again on thursday morning and we decided to go ahead with the cortizone shot. I stayed off the bike for two and a half days and I went for a very short ride last night and a 20 miler this afternoon. The knee is a little sore but it is a different sore and I think it is just from having a large needle in it a few days ago. Other than that, I am confident that everything will be fine.

Friday morning I was on 100.5 with Monica and Kevin at 830am. I had a great time and I was pleased with my performance (Im not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous). Monica was a great host and we answered a few phone calls and had a great time. Special thanks to Brian Rosendahl (Rosie) for setting this interview up, hopefully I will be calling in with updates from the road.

Friday night was the benefit concert at Faces in Downtown Sacramento. Thanks to Daniel Ramsey for getting this thing together. We also had a lot of support from John Goddard and Angela Gentry, thanks guys! Brennon Moore was the singer who set us up with the location. Brennon was great but got cut short because the club had to get their thing going. I would estimate that we had 50 people and we raised $859, a great success.
I think we all felt a little out of place but it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Tim and Dori

Joyce and Lyle

Bethany and Me

The next night was the Brown and Caldwell holiday party. Right after dinner, they showed my short informational video and presented me with a video camera to document my adventure. Brown and Caldwell has been very supportive of my journey and I really appreciate all that they have done.

Hardcore Engineers

Thats all for now, I gotta get to bed, lots to do tomorrow, its coming down to the wire...






In the Garage


Its freezing lately so I rode on the stationary trainer tonight in the cold, damp, lonely garage of my new house. I rocked out to the Strokes and Muse and that helped me through it. I rode for an hour while rocking out and staring at the wall, does that sound fun? It was actually kinda satisfying to get an hour of cycling in at 7pm:

The cell phone camera really captures the dark, damp lonliness of the garage.








Getting Closer To Go-Time

Hi there, its been a while. I am back on the trike again. During the past few weeks I have not been riding. I have been resting the knee and trying to strengthen my IT Band. I have been attending a Yoga class which has been pretty intense. It is HOT Yoga; they keep the room at 105 degrees and it is a 90 minute workout. It’s a total cleansing while twisting into crazy positions and strengthening core muscles. I think it has helped with the flexibility and strength in my knees.

Last week I paid a visit to the UCDavis Sports Performance Lab. At the lab, we set up my trike on my new stationary trainer. They had me ride and we made some adjustments to the trike and to my cycling cleats. I rode some more and we made some more adjustments. Dr. Cosca made some observations and some helpful suggestions. He said that we want to try to fix the knee pain mechanically if possible, meaning by adjusting the trike and the way I pedal. However if the adjustments do not do the trick we can always do a shot of cortisone to get me to Memphis. The visit with Dr. Cosca has put me at ease because he assured me that we will take care of this knee thing. This appointment was set up by Kent Mulkey of Team Donate Life. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk with experienced Doctors and Engineers. Thank you to Kent, Dr. Cosca, and Judd.

So now it is Christmas break and I have plenty of time to make sure I can make it to Memphis with my stock set of legs and knees. This morning, Dad and I went on a nice and easy ride near my new home in East Sacramento. The ride was about 12 miles and it took us over an hour but there was no pain and we came back in one piece…victory! We survived to ride another day.

I was very concerned about my knee for a while but let me assure you that I am 100% committed to completing this ride!

Another exciting development is that my promotional DVD is almost finished. We filmed this piece about a month ago and it is finally coming together, should be completed this week (Ihave been saying that for the past two weeks but I really mean it this time). Hopefully the video will be available for viewing on my website, I’ll let you know.

One last thing…WE ARE APROACHING OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL! The goal is $30,000 and we are at about $25,000 thanks to generous donations by many people, many of whom I have never met before, very encouraging! One huge donation was made by Sierra Self Insurance Services. Their donation of $5,000 will keep the momentum going and will help us get over the hump. A huge THANK YOU to Mike Krill, Gail Blagg and Mike Bryant (Dad) of Sierra Self Insurance Services. We are very close, keep the donations coming!





Rode to work with Andy this was 31 degrees. Is, thats just below freezing. It was cold! I had two layers on the bottom, 4 layers on the top, 2 pairs of gloves,a beanie for my ears, and booties over my cycling shoes, I looked pretty ridiculous...sorry, no pictures.

I have a feeling it will be much more cold and wet during the ride so I figure I need better gloves and some wind breaker/rain pants. Good thing I am finding this out now, soon it will be too late!

We did not ride home (took regional transit) because my knee was acting up again. However, I think I am making some progress because my knee is taking me a lot farther than it did a few weeks ago. Just gotta take it slow and easy as I train the knee for long rides again...



Back in the saddle again


For weeks I was plagued by a knee pain that may be the beginning stages of tendinitis, I was very aprehensive about getting back on the bike and aggravating the knee again. However, I took some steps to fix the problem (physical therapy, new pedals and shoes, a few adjustments to the trike, and lots of stretching).

This weekend I got in the saddle for the first time in about a month and it went very well. I rode about 5 miles on thursday and about 12 on Saturday. I took it slow and I think I am a little hyper sensitive about knee pain right now but better safe than sorry, right?

So, now that I am back, I am going to start ramping up the training again. I am also going to try to pay more attention to nutrition and hydration from now on. I am giving up beer (and alcohol) until I get to Memphis, it dehydrates like none other. Party in Memphis March 22, 2007. See ya there!





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