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Glycemic Index in Mitochondrial Disease

Ages: 7-65
Location: University of Pennsylvania
Details: The investigators are conducting a research study on nutrition in mitochondrial disease. The investigators are interested in the kind of carbohydrates that people eat. Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. Certain kinds of carbohydrates tend to raise blood sugar more in healthy people, and others tend to raise blood sugar less in healthy people. The investigators would like to know if by eating the "right" type of carbohydrate, people with mitochondrial disease can avoid high lactate levels, high blood sugar levels, and, later, low blood sugars.

In this study, this question will be answered by finding out how people with mitochondrial disease respond to two different test meals containing different kinds of carbohydrates. Neither participants nor the investigators will know which kind of test meal participants are eating.



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