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Areas of Research Being Advanced by FARA Grants

We believe that investing in FA research will lead to the discovery and advancement of meaningful treatments and a cure for FA. In the past 5 years the FARA research grant program provided close to 30 million dollars to advance FA research.

The ultimate goal of the FARA grant program is to further therapeutic discovery and development by funding projects related to basic, translational and clinical research. The program is designed to fundestablished and new investigators in the FA field, both in academic and industry settings and promotecollaborations among scientists. In 2020, 16 new grants were funded, spanning nearly all areas of research, and 21 grants approved in previous years received continued funding. 13 of the new grants were awarded to investigators who had not previously received FARA funding, including 3 junior investigators. Currently, researchers in 8 countries are receiving funding from the FARA research grant program.

As of March 1st, 2021 FARA has already committed almost 6 million dollars to funding research for the current year, as we initiate and continue programs that will fill gaps in our understanding of FA, promote drug discovery, bring new research resources to the community, grow our Collaborative Clinical Research Network in FA (CCRN), fund new biomarker consortia and clinical research infrastructure to facilitate clinical trials.

+  Drug Discovery 

+  Gene & Stem Cell Therapy 

+  Lead Candidates 

+  Mechanism or Pathway of Disease 

+  Cell & Animal Models 

+  Natural Hx & Biorepository 

+  Outcome Measures & Biomarkers 

+  Cardiac Research 

+  Improving Clinical Outcomes 

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Grant program updates and announcements

View special interest RFPs and other grant program updates and announcements here.

Newly awarded grants

Cell & Animal Models

Paola Costantini, PhD - University of Padova, Italy​ Three-dimensional mature cardiac microtissues from human induced pluripotent stem cells to explore mitochondrial dynamics, cardiac function and therapeutic options in Friedreich Ataxia

Gene & Stem Cell Therapy​

Stephanie Cherqui, PhD - University of California, San Diego​ Mechanism of neuronal rescue by microglia expressing frataxin and characterization of neuronal defects in Friedreich's ataxia

Mechanism or Pathway of Disease​

Sara Anjomani-Virmouni, PhD - Brunel University, London Sphingolipid rheostat as a potential target for Friedreich's Ataxia

Nadia D'Ambrosi, PhD - University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy Role of iron-dependent dysfunctions in microglia toxicity

Elisabetta Indelicato, MD, PhD - Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria Hepcidin-Ferroportin axis in Friedreich's ataxia

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