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Kevin Dock

Kevin Dock

March 1988 - November 2020

Kevin was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in March of 1988. He escaped the cold Minnesota winters and moved to Tucson, Arizona when he was nine. Early, his parents knew something was different with Kevin when he didn’t have the balance to ride his two wheel bike or when couldn’t tie his shoes. He was diagnosed with FA at thirteen. He learned early to focus on what he could do and find alternatives to what he couldn’t. In high school, Kevin needed a cane for balance. Explaining FA to his peers was difficult. Instead, when asked about the cane, he just said “bad knees.” Only his close friends knew the truth. And, what that truth meant.

He loved Minnesota Viking Football. Was a devoted fan. Even during the not so great seasons. In 2017, Kevin and his father went to Minnesota to catch a Vikings game and got knighted into the Viking World Order. A high honor. They got tattoos to celebrate the event. Kevin never let FA get him down. He had a great attitude towards life. He lived “carpe diem.” He made the most of what he had for as long as he had. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. Kevin died November of 2020. His passing is felt deeply by his family and friends.


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