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Pharmaceutical Professionals

FARA funds progress – and our vision is a world without the debilitating effects of FA.

"The FARA team has been most helpful in introducing Horizon Pharma to key stakeholders and collaborators in the FA research and patient communities, ensuring that we are working with the best people. FARA's effort to build and support clinical research infrastructure, such as the CCRN in FA, has allowed us to leverage knowledge, outcomes and investigator experience from the FA natural history study and ACTIMMUNE Phase 2 study to enable us to advance Phase 3 study plans with shorter timelines and confidence."
- Jeffrey Sherman, MD, CMO & Executive VP of Research & Development, Horizon Pharma

FARA is a worldwide leader in growing and supporting the FA research community through our robust research grant program, patient registry and investment in clinical research infrastructure, international conferences and advocacy and partnership with government organizations and pharmaceutical companies. We have invested more than $25 million, through a competitive grant program, and leveraged about the same amount from government agencies, other non-profit organizations and academic partners to advance the basic and discovery science.  FARA is a collaborative organization, which is proud to work closely with sister organizations.  Our collaborative approach has allowed FARA to:

  • advanced understanding of genetic etiology of FA
  • cellular dysfunction and pathways impacted in FA
  • discovery of animal and cellular models
  • validated clinical outcome measures and biomarkers

FARA can bring significant resources and infrastructure to a therapeutic development program.  FARA is committed to helping cut preclinical and clinical development time to a minimum and getting products to market faster and at a lower cost.  Our collaborations and meetings with international partners give us global reach, with access to expertise, patients and clinicians around the world.  The graphic below depicts some of the assets FARA can offer across the research and development continuum. 

 To discuss one or more of the ways FARA can help, please contact:

Jennifer Farmer
Executive Director 
(484) 879-6160


FARA Assets Across the R & D Continuum

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