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The Art of Cycling In The Rain


Thursday, February 04, 2010




The Art of Cycling In The Rain





My friend Blair at The Sacramento Bee just published an article about winter cycling. Blair and I often pass each other on the bike trail so he called me up to get some comments about riding in Sacramento in the winter. Below are a couple tidbits from my input into the story. To read the full article click here.  
"We have an absolutely beautiful trail out there," says Kyle Bryant, who has the inherited disease Friedreich's ataxia, which weakens muscles, vision and hearing, and is life-threatening. He rides a three-wheel recumbent bike to help him with balance and is a regular presence on the American River bike trail.
"I just like getting outside. It's painful to be cooped up. You feel like your muscles are going stale all day," he says. "It's tough for the first 15 minutes getting warmed up, but at the end, you feel like you're ready to conquer the world."
Bryant says waiting too late to achieve springtime fitness can lead to injuries.
"You need to start riding now. I developed knee problems in the past that resulted from riding too hard in a short amount of time," he says. "I had those problems when I was a total beginner cyclist."




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Spinner said...

Hum... well I don't really stop riding (OK, I maynot clock a many miles when it's way cold.) Not only do I gotta keep going to avoid ingury - I don't need my muscles getting weaker. You know the old saying "Use it or loose it" I may loose muscle, but not from little or no use - I'd rather burn out than fade away!
I see your RAAM - looks good!
God Bless

11:58 AM
Spinner said...

Hum ... it's not rain, but I think it's FUNNER! Snow - yeah we're getting dumped on today, the ride into work this morning was ... basicly dry. I enjoyed at least 5" of wet snow on the ride home and I almost made it except the quick releast that keeps from folding came lose (lowest point and I must have been dragging it in the snow and 'stuff') so Dad came and DROVE me the last 1/2 mile - darn:( I was having so much Fun;)

11:49 AM


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