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At NorCal 2012 We Ride For Phillip

Why do we ride?
We ride to build strength. We ride to see the countryside. We ride to give ourselves a free pass to chow down at the rest stops and on Outback food at lunch.
We ride because we love someone with Friedreich's ataxia.
We ride because we have Friedreich's ataxia.
We ride to connect with old friends. We ride to remember old friends. We ride for different reasons and for the same reason --- WE RIDE TO CURE FA!

On May 5, I will ride for myself, for my family, for all my friends living with FA, and for my friend I lost to FA. The third annual Ride Ataxia Nor Cal is dedicated to Phillip Bennett. Phillip's close friend Jamie Richards wrote at his passing in March 2011: ‎"Too many of us wait. And wait, and wait. Someday, we tell ourselves, we'll say it, start it, try it, do it or complete it. Phillip didn't wait. He swam and skied. He rode roller coasters. He rappelled and river rafted. He even went spelunking. He made friends. He laughed. He partied. He crammed 72 years of life into 27."

Phil - We miss you. We continue to think of you and we will ride for you.



The inside collar of every jersey will have a small memorial.


We will also have these stickers to bring Phillip with us as we ride.


To register, ride, and raise funds in honor of Phillip visit the Ride Ataxia NorCal Event Site.




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