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On The Road

I am posting this from the passenger seat of the truck using our trusty Verizon Wireless internet card. We just passed Mt Shasta, a volcano in Northern California.

Left home last night. Headed for Portland, Oregon. It feels like old times, just Me, Mom and Dad in the truck pulling the trailer. We left from the Sacramento area at about 3pm yesterday and drove for three hours to Redding, CA where we stayed for the night. It was just the three of us in a hotel room, it felt like the first ride...restless sleep thinking about what is ahead.

I am finally getting excited for the ride. I have been super anxious until this point. Months of preparation, endless strings of emails and countless details are taken care of and now its go time...bring it on!

We will stay in Portland tonight and tomorrow we will have lunch with the entire team at Outback Steakhouse. There are many team members who I have not met and only know by their registration form and the large amount of money each of them have raised for this cause. The lunch will be a great chance to get acquainted before we hit the road the next day.

The weather looks like it could be a factor but it will only make it more of an accomplishment when we finish!

Stay tuned, I plan to post once a day for the next week, this is going to be a great ride!





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