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I am speaking in the morning. I get pretty amped up when I am preparing for a speech. I plan out what I am going to say in my mind and then I imagine myself delivering the message and I imagine the audience reaction, I kinda go through the whole thing before hand so when I get in front of the audience I have already given this speech to this audience in this very situation. I guess you might call it visualization...

So I decided to prepare during a workout on the stationary recumbent bike in the fitness center here at the hotel tonight. My target heart rate zone for tonight was 135-140 bpm. So I started pedaling and I reached 135 comfortably and I was holding pretty strong. So I took my eyes off the heart rate monitor and started thinking about what I am going to say in the morning. I imagined introducing myself, thanking the researchers for all their work, telling them that we are rooting for them, telling my story from diagnosis to triumph and research funds... I finally looked down at my heart rate monitor and It said 155 bpm, I overshot my target a bit. Wow I got pretty amped while imagining myself in front of the crowd. I might even work speeches into my regular workout routine, perhaps I will wear my heart rate monitor in the morning and it can serve as a workout...





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