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About RAAM

Note: This is the promo for the 2009 race so ignore the dates.
Also Note: Team FARA will be participating as a team, much of the info below pertains to the solo racers...

The Race Across America is one of the most respected and longest running annual endurance events holding legendary stature the world over. It is one of the pinnacles of sporting accomplishment, globally seen as the highest rung of the endurance sports ladder. Since 1982, RAAM has a rich and storied history standing as a monument to human endeavors.

The Race Across America is an event so staggering that merely to finish is, for most, the accomplishment of a lifetime. RAAM inspires everyone that it touches. A monumental race contested with the utmost of sportsmanship and zeal. Truly, RAAM is larger than life. A breeding ground for champions, a testing ground for elite riders and a shining example of the strength of human spirit.


2010 General Race Information - the 29th Edition

  • Start: Oceanside, CA - The Oceanside Pier. Women June 8th, Men June 9th, Teams June 12th.
  • Finish: Annapolis, MD - The City Dock. June 18th - June 21st.
  • Route: More than 3,000 miles across the United States.
  • pisions: Solo and Two-Person, Four-Person, and Eight-Person Teams.  Teams are raced in a relay format.


RAAM is a Race of Truth

This is a Race. Unlike other famous races, like the Tour de France, RAAM is not a stage race. The race is one stage, live to the very end. In RAAM, once the clock starts on the west coast, the clock doesn't stop until each racer reaches the finish line on the east coast. RAAM is 30% longer than the Tour de France and solo racers finish in half the time with no rest days. The race format is essentially a time trial, commonly called racing against the clock or the race of truth. Unlike the Tour de France, there is no drafting or taking shelter from the wind. It's an all out solo challenge.


Solo and Team

The heart of the race is the Solo pision. That is where the ultimate challenge lies. The race has team categories of 2-Person, 4-Person, and 8-Person teams. With an 8-Person team, each person averages three hours a day on the bike.


3,000 Miles

The route is over 3000 miles, touching 14 states and climbing over 100,000 feet. Teams typically cross the country in 6 to 9 days, averaging 350 to over 500 miles per day. Solo racers finish in 9 to 12 days, averaging 250 to 350 miles per day. Teams have a relay format and race 24 hours a day. Solo racers have the challenge of balancing a few hours of sleep each night against race deadlines.


Olympians, Grandfathers and You

The men and women who compete, as soloists or as team participants, are dedicated and driven athletes. The racers are comprised from an international field of professionals from all walks of life. Among them are Olympians, professional athletes, but, by far, most are just like you. They range in age from 18 to over 70 and each has a story to tell of their life and how they came to the race. That story is enriched during the week-long adventure across the country as each rises and discovers their inner ability.


Is it a Charity?

More than half of the racers use RAAM as a platform and event to raise funds for various charities. In each of the past five years, racers raised more than $1,000,000.



Because it's there was George Mallory's answer, as to why climb Mt. Everest.

RAAM has a similar draw. At the very least, it's the honor of adding their name to the prestigious roll call of RAAM Finishers and Team RAAM Finishers.

RAAM is more than a bike race. It is about ordinary people being great. It's about realizing dreams, a journey of the heart and soul. It's about being the toughest of the tough. It's about camaraderie, teamwork, and the incredible RAAM family. It's about taking the stage for a charity or cause that matters, to raise awareness and funds. It's about the vastness, richness, beauty, and generosity of the United States of America and the people who live here. It's a lifetime experience never to be repeated.

The Race Across America endures due to its amazing effect on the human consciousness and for its incredible feats of willpower, inspiration, and heart.


Who's Behind RAAM?

The RAAM Management Team - Fred Boethling, Rick Boethling and Candace Koska - bring considerable breadth and depth of business and race experience to bear on the race. We are all race veterans. We've been there. We know what's in the hearts and minds of racers and crew.


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    Spinner May 23, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Kyle, My Dad is trying to work out a plan to maybe see you all in KS, but we're not sure of you schedule - or any of the SAG's needs. We want to "CHEER" you all on (the crew need it just as much, if not more, that the riders) ....



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