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Team FARA Blog

Team FARA members are running, walking, biking and swimming for FA research around the world.

While they are geographically dispersed, Team FARA is united with the same goal: to draw attention to FA through acts of physical endurance and to support the advancement of FA research towards treatments and a cure for FA.


An eternity ago we passed through the Prescott National Forest in
Arizona - and up Mingus Mountain. From the top, we were privy to this
magnificent view of Haywood Canyon.

Cuchara Pass

Short stop for a photo before a fast descent!

Day 3

In my opinion, Day 3 of any journey is a telling day. It is the day when the adrenaline from the anticipation of the start begins to wear down and you start to feel the fatigue of the road. It is the day when you figure out what works and what needs modifying. It is the day you search for some constancy and a good routine. It is the day when you show yourself and the world just how you respond to adversity. . . Our day 3 was a long one but held within it were so many dimensions of the Team FARA's strength.

Team FARA: Help spread the word; 1000 miles and 1000 visits!

Team FARA is closing in on 1000 miles this morning (1/3 of the way to Annapolis). Unbelievable! Keep Crankin’ Team – you are all doing AWESOME.

Kyle and the Team created this blog to keep us all connected their journey and to help raise awareness. So far it has been really successful!

We have had >2000 unique visitors come to learn about Team FARA (yesterday was the peak traffic day with 596 visitors). Overall, there are >4,000 visits which means many of you are checking back in to watch the progress and get updates. The average time on the site is >3 min, 30 sec which is also significant when we think about raising awareness.

Kyle and Team embarked on this journey to raise awareness for Friedreich’s ataxia. We can all help them and show our support for all of their amazing effort and commitment out on the road. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers about Team FARA and send them to the blog. What better way to show support for the Team then getting more visitors to this site.

As the Team closes in on 1000 miles, let’s see if we can get to 1000 visitors in a single day.

John Bomb Jovi

John has established his extraordinary ability to bomb downhill while simultaneously grinning ear to ear.

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