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Team FARA Blog

Team FARA members are running, walking, biking and swimming for FA research around the world.

While they are geographically dispersed, Team FARA is united with the same goal: to draw attention to FA through acts of physical endurance and to support the advancement of FA research towards treatments and a cure for FA.

Team FARA: More News Coverage!

More News Coverage!


Bob, Steve and Mike G. are here.  We got the Dodge Caravans we needed.  The racks are assembled.  The PA systems are hooked up.  We still have a lot to do but we had a very good start today.

Plus Channel 13 came out and shot a story!

Check it out: Cyclist Riding Across Country Despite Illness

Tomorrow we will continue with preparations and then we leave the next day!

Getting Started

We are finally getting started today!

Mike Gore is flying in at noon and then we are heading over to pick up the CB's (6 vehicle to vehicle radios with a range up to 30 miles!).  Then we will head back to the airport to pick up Bob and Steve at 2pm.  At 230 we will all meet (plus Mike Bryant and Paul K.) at Dollar car rental to pick up the rental vans.

The rental van issue:
We have been planning a rack system for the vans and in order to make it work we need at least one Dodge Caravan (two preferred).  The problem is that the rental company was unable to guarantee the make and model of our vehicles so we are crossing our fingers.  We need the Dodge so bad that we made a duplicate reservation at Enterprize!  Hopefully the universe is good to us today.


Yesterday and today have been the first hot days of summer here in Sacramento and as I sit here sweating (I'm training for the just kidding, I just don't have central air) I am thinking of what the weather is going to be like on the route.  

The following is a periodic report by one of our crew members, Mike Andresen, which shows the predicted highs and lows along the route.  These numbers will change a little because we are still a week out but this gets us in the Ball Park.  I can't wait for Parker!

Whatever it takes

RAAM is one week away and as I sit among all the items that have been shipped to my house for the trip (Bike racks, nutritional supplements, bike tools, reflective safety equipment, bike parts, trike parts) I am a little nervous but I am feeling pretty confident.  We have done everything possible to give the team the best chance at conquering this race.

Blog Posting Strategy

We have set up a plan to keep updates flowing while we are on the road. We have a volunteer on the ground who will post for us when we cannot get to Internet access. So when you see a posting that is from (like this one) it is our ghost writer (thanks Mary!) and we will attempt to keep it clear who the post is coming from - me, Sean, Mike or John. Stay tuned - Kyle!

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