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Team FARA Blog

Team FARA members are running, walking, biking and swimming for FA research around the world.

While they are geographically dispersed, Team FARA is united with the same goal: to draw attention to FA through acts of physical endurance and to support the advancement of FA research towards treatments and a cure for FA.


Hi everybody. I did a couple promotional gigs this week including a radio interview with a station here in Sacramento. The 20 minute clip will air this weekend but you can read a little bit here: Ride On

By the way...check out our new promo pack designed by the talented Crystal Wade ( Team FARA Promo. Crystal makes us look good!




Ultra FARAthon!

Check this out...
A woman is going to run a 7 day Ultra  Marathon in the desert to benefit FA.
Her name is Marilena Wilkinson and here are a couple pieces of her website:
"By participating in the Atacama Desert Ultra Marathon, I will be attempting to cover 250km across some of the most inhospitable terrain in 7 days. A-marathon-a-day is an obvious comparison; but it is much more than that. It has been described as one of the toughest, most gruelling ultra-distance events in the world.
Extremes in temperature, climbs to heights in excess of 10,000ft, and long stretches of energy sapping salt-flats might just give you an idea of what I am committing myself to do.

Team Photo Shoot

A friend of the team has a make shift photo studio in his office building with studio lights and a high quality camera.  He invited the team to use the studio tonight to shoot some promotional photos.  None of us are professional photographers but hopefully we can get some quality shots.  We'll share the photos here after the shoot!

Team Photo


Here is a sneak peak of our photo shoot...


Hello Team FARA Supporters!

We introduced ourselves to the world three short days ago and we have felt a huge response of support from everyone who hears our story.  We have received several phone calls from eager volunteers!  Thank you!  We are still seeking a few more volunteers and in kind donations.  For more info click here: How YOU Can Help.

As the team steps up its training effort, we are constantly looking for sources of inspiration to help us push harder.  A dose of inspiration can be found in the story of a team of handcyclists who completed RAAM last year.  Here are few pieces of an article about Team Can Be Venture:

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