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Team FARA Blog

Team FARA members are running, walking, biking and swimming for FA research around the world.

While they are geographically dispersed, Team FARA is united with the same goal: to draw attention to FA through acts of physical endurance and to support the advancement of FA research towards treatments and a cure for FA.

Team FARA: RAAM Reflections

The posts below are stories from the crew of Team FARA's Race Across America.  The posts are consolidated in the new tab above called "RAAM Reflections." Enjoy!

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    SpinnerJuly 9, 2010 at 1:36 AM


Snippet from the night

At a Time Station, we met up with the Aussie team again. They were a nice group. One of the guys said to us, “My Dad, rest his soul, would never believe that his son would be chasing 4 bike riders across the United States,taking directions from a woman's voice in a little box.”

Bob O.

Special Thanks Go Out to…

AAAHHHHHH!!!!....weren't those some crazy moments? And another great big shout of “THANK YOU!” to the absolutely wonderful lady that owns the little old fireplace salesroom way out in the middle of NOTHING ELSE OUT HERE, Kansas. She allowed me to occupy her tiny little toilet room in the back of the store with the see-through slotted boards for walls, the low low water pressure and the stress relief smell of good soap. Couldn't ask for anything more! And thanks to blake for filling her in on why we where out there. And thanks to big John Lockwood for continuing to peddle whilst I relieved myself.

Phil V.

Foolkiller 2010

Hi Team FARA fans! We mentioned a few weeks ago that Team FARA is not only for cycling, the Team extends to anyone who wants to make progress for the meet Team Foolkiller:

"In September 2008, just before her 13th birthday, our daughter, sister, and friend, Grace, was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), a degenerative neurological disease for which there is presently no treatment or cure. The diagnosis came after several years of trying to find out what was causing Grace’s balance and gait problems. Finally, a genetic test at Mass General confirmed what the doctors suspected. The news was life-changing for each of us in the Hopkins family. We found out everything we could about FA, and none of what we learned was encouraging. We learned that Grace can expect to be in a wheelchair within a few years, gradually lose her abilities to move, speak and see and to develop a heart disease which is often fatal for FA-ers at a young age. We found out that FA is a very rare disease and is sort of like winning the multi-state lottery, as far as the odds go.

John Loves Powdered Donuts!

A little more research on the RAAM website lead me to this video. That's John eating the powdered donut near the beginning!

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